Monday, September 9, 2013

New and More New and a little Old

New Workout- Well, working out has been great for me and I am proud that my muscles remember what to do because apparently my head is not always in the game. I fell off the elliptical last Wednesday AM at the gym and well, my left knee is swollen and hurts to walk much. I think I pushed too hard to try for physical fitness too early. Taking a break and letting it heal. Missing the gym! Now that is so new for me.

New building. We moved workplaces last week when the kids started back to school, I moved into East Shore II. It is really beautiful with less traffic going into inns brook and has an interior lake with animals. I love that there is all this internal space and the feeling of new. However; new office means new desk and that is taking some getting used to.

New School year, same old teen drama. So hard to wake a teenage girl that I begin to feel like I need a crane just to accomplish it. She did not want to take a back to school photo but finally let me. Here is a photo of her gym with the band and the cheerleaders welcoming the freshman class of 2017 into Hermitage.
I am not ready for a full fledge teenager. Where did the time go where she was innocent and so cute and adorable? Now it is all about cute boys, her classes, girl drama and honors HW and really in that order. (LOL). This girl, my girl, is such a beautiful girl that I worry about her future.
New class- Sunday school rotations started and I volunteered to teach 4 yr olds weekly vs. rotationally. It is very hard for me because it means a commitment to be at church each Sunday from 8:30am-12:30pm and then come back for Choir practice for winter musical at 4pm-5pm. Sundays were meant for God so I figure the time commitment is no big deal but my old bones have been finding myself "napping" in between the visits to church. Those little 4 yr olds can sure wipe a girl out. And speaking of that age, I am starting Awana Cubbies this year again on Wednesday and was devastated by the sneaky devil Sunday when I lost 1/2 of my helpers in one swoop. Praying for them all as their reasons were all valid but praying for me since I will have ~15 3-4 yr olds with little adult help until we move things around. Hope I don't scare off my newly volunteered mother in law who is one of my new helpers.
Here is a picture of the little ones swinging. Wish I could be so carefree.
New weather, not really! What happened to the cooling trend that was supposed to occur. I am ready for jeans and sweaters and my cute boots and fall jewelry. Not so much since the weather is 90 degrees. I mean what is going on with the weather. At least I can do my nails in fall colors and patterns until God sees fit to follow through on the weather.
Old, well to close the post. I am OLD! My nieces are growing up, my nephews are growing up and I have 1 remaining grandparent left. That really shows me how old I am getting. 40s can be the best years of our lives or so I am told so I am going to have to tell this OLD body to get motivated.