Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Day 10

Well, my weekend wasn't too hard. Friday was rough due to issues at work and well, a really bad headache that would not quit. Having family time Sunday and hearing all of my cheerleaders supporting me gave me the boost I really needed to keep on going. Today is Day 10 and my weight this AM was 293.4 (14.2 pounds total lost). I went to see my Endocrinologist to get my blood-work results and was happy to report, my numbers are all exceptional except the LDL (cholesterol). We were both perplexed. How is this possible with a liquid protein diet, 240calories, no carbs, and 60g of protein?

A while later we discovered it was basically a common thing when folks have no/low carbs diets, high LDL is not necessarily a super bad thing. She suggested adding carbs once a day to this diet and we will update and do a deeper cholesterol panel in November for comparison. So I formally decided to continue with 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. We agreed my time off would be "Clean Eating". This means nothing processed (no CANS!). I will avoid too many carbs (purchased some protein crips for snacking that should cover carbs). I am excited because I enjoyed the clean eating when I did some of it before. It is so nice to use real veggies and lean meats with cheeses to get so much natural flavor in meals.

Tonight, I had 3/4 cup of pasta (whole grain) with organic red pasta and grass fed beef. I added 4 pepperoni for flavor and a Tsp of shredded low fat cheese. I wonder what this will do to my # in the AM on the scale?

On a personal note, a church friend reached out to me today at work and said God had placed me in her mind often today. She was checking in. God knew I needed the extra support given a tough situation I am in. God also sent a FB friend with Bible Verses he posted yesterday. They seemed customized for my tough situation,

Proverbs 17:27-28. HCSB.
27 The intelligent person restrains his words, and one who keeps a cool head is a man of understanding.
28 Even a fool is considered wise when he keeps silent, discerning when he seals his lips.

God is so very GOOD to me!

Some pics from the party:
The spread I was able to turn down! YEAH

Leah and Claudia

This little one loved watermelon.

The Cake. My sister did a great job!

Turner and Amy

Do I look like my Mama? Yep- No issue with that

Papa loved on all the little ones

Spongebob Balloons

The three musketeers (Chase, Leah and Kaylah)

This little man was wired! Chase is now 3!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Day 6

The theme of today seems less about joy and more about heartbreak and hope. Ruff start at home, woke with a bad headache that just wouldn't subside and then lovely little bit of hatefulness with co-workers made me a bit exhausted mentally. Teamwork is such a lost concept in the PM environment. There is no sandbox, just one big lot and we all have to share. Oh my, could I go on and on but I won't. The thing that frustrated me the most is that I am too soft hearted to really stand up and "fight" back. When I get angry, I cry. I hate that about myself and pray it will change over time but it doesn't. Others can get angry and stay stone faced and clear with their words and thoughts but not me. I get all flustered, hurt, angry and quite frankly disappointed. Anyone who really knows me knows I have a kind heart. I never backstab, always share, give more than I take, teach, and well- don't let you fall when I can clearly see the hole you are about to step in. Unfortunately perception is reality and that means I need to pray for ways to show this truth of mine.

There was some joy today. I took blood for my apt next week. That was fast, easy. I was able to come home and rest my weary head and am starting to feel better. My major work crisis is over and resolved. And it is FRIDAY! Next week, I have time off which I desperately need and I have family time planned for Sunday which is always a bright spot for me.

And, that little thing--my weight. I am now down to 295.6 (or a total of ~12pds). And yes, that makes me ecstatic. I have 8 more days to go and on Sunday of Day 15, I will have a nice light real breakfast after I get my final weigh in. If my Dr. approves my bloodwork, then I will keep tracking with 2 weeks on diet, 2 weeks off until I get to my ultimate goal weight of 185pds. At ~30pds each 2 week attempt, I only have to do that through December and then work hard to maintain it. After all, what girl/woman doesn't want an excuse to buy all new clothes around Christmas.

Day 6 Results and Photo:

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Day 4 and 5

Wednesday was an exceptionally busy and productive day. I worked many hours and still never felt finished (isn't that always the way?). And leaving at 3:30pm still didn't feel like I had enough time to setup for the last painting class I was teaching at Winns Baptist. I had 42 women signed up to make a swirly tree with me and I was feeling the pressure. This was by far the largest class I had ever hosted and quite honestly, only my 3rd class overall. I was anxious, nervous and excited.

I started my day on the best high note ever and a little comedic if I say so myself. I like to weigh first thing after I shower and do my hair/makeup (hint---no clothes). I always have my phone ready to take that "scale and feet" pic but yesterday, somehow did not. The scale basically sang to me when I saw "299.2" I was so excited and ready to take my picture and praising my additional 1.8lb loss. I grabbed my phone and hopped back on, and "299.4". Hmmm, who knew an iPhone weighed .2lbs. Bummer. LOL. I haven't been 2 anything in weight since January of this year when I was really in gym mode and feeling great, all before my medical scare and 3 months with no working out and basically terrified of my own body.

The class last night was just the spiritual lift I needed. Family came, friends were there, even a co-worker, new people from the church 11am service and I was so blessed to count 38 heads last night. I was prepared, I was uplifted, I was exhausted. No eating will do that to you. But, I held it through and after 5.5 hrs on my feet, painting, praising, helping and loving- I felt even more convicted about my journey.

Today, 297.4 (another 2 pds- Total 10.2 pds). I am super slammed today and again, free lunch at work which I will not partake in. Danielle has her very first scrimmage for volleyball and I am definitely going to go and watch my Captain play. So proud of her accomplishments already this year. Maybe tonight I can relax, hmmm- nope- laundry calls my name.

Day 5 Totals and Pic

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Day 3 Details

Well, today was probably the hardest so far. Work hosted an all day offsite "All Hands Meeting" at the Commons in West Creek campus. There was a hot buffet breakfast, catered lunch and chocolate candies on every table. It sucked! Not only was there amazing food, but---ummm---it was FREE! ugg. I mean really- free food, anything free is amazing.

On the good side, Brian is being such a sweet supporter and has cooked dinner each night for himself and Danielle. It has also been easier since he now works day shift as well. 2 of my 4 co-workers fasted on Monday (to be fair-they started before me)...but still nice to feel supported.

Many folks have asked what my goals are for the 2 weeks along with what I will do nutritionally after the 2 weeks. My goal for weight loss is ~35pds. If I can keep up with 2-4pd loss daily, then I am on target to hit that. Secondly, I want to give my intestines a break given their recent bleeding ulcer issues and healing. Third- I want to cleanse toxins and force my metabolism to reboot.
I also see my endocrinologist on the 19th to review recent blood work and see how my health has been trending (anemia, etc.).

After the 2 weeks, I will eat light proteins (scrambled eggs, nuts, chicken) and plenty of natural veggies and greens. I have clean eating cookbooks and I will go back to making some of the recipes I fell in love with. Eating foods the way God made them for your body can make a person feel so much better. I have many supporters with ideas for better health but with the bariatric variance in my anatomy, I must be very careful what I choose with my special limitations.

In addition, I have so many upcoming hurdles that I will need extra support in prayer:
  • Wednesday- I have an insane schedule for work and then the painting class where I anticipate ~38 women
  • Sunday- My nephew's 3rd birthday party where the theme is SpongeBob (and yes- Crabbie Patties--hamburgers, and Cake will be served)---I love Hamburgers, UGG...and CHIPS.
  • Vacation Week is next week- Home several days without the distraction of work to think about food.
  • Thursday 18th, Face Painting for the Fall Carnival at work where --hold the mic, they have cotton candy, hot dogs, hamburgers, caramel corn popcorn....and all the food is FREE!
So, keep up with me as I post photos and a mini-diary daily of my progress. Thanks for caring!

Some pics

Proti-Diet Drinks. $12.99 for 7 at bariatricchoice.com

Day 1 Weight- 307.6
Day 1 Photo
Day 2 Weight- Down 2.4 pds

Day 2 Photo

Day 3 Weight: 301.00 (Down 6.6pds)
Day 3 Photo (Yep I wore the same Sunday dress to work on Tuesday). Mainly because of my new blue mani/pedi polish as evidenced in the Day 3 weigh in.

2 Week Cleanse

Well, I started a 2 week cleanse on 8/10 (Sunday). I began by checking with my DR. who suggested I add an appetite suppression pill, Phentermine 37.5 mg (1 tablet in AM daily). I ordered my "food" from bariatricchoice.com. I love this website as it offers high protein, no sugar foods and the best Protein drink I have found to date. I order the Proti-Diet drinks. 15g of protein in fruit flavors mixed with 10oz of water. Tastes like Kool-Aid! I planned to drink 4 a day, 60g of protein to encourage my body to burn fat for energy. I dedicated myself to being more active to force my body to work harder. This meant parking in the back of the lot even though I get to work at 7am, walking the dog, hitting the gym for 30minutes at least 2x in week1.

My items came in on Saturday and Sunday, I started with a naked weigh in. Yep- I am that crazy that I want to make sure I get the best number possible. Well- DAY 1 start was 307.6 pds. Immediate suckiness settled in my heart. Here I was given my body to manage by my God and well, my vessel needed some work--ok, lots of work. I became even more convicted to ensure I was doing this for all the right reasons.

So, here it is Day 3 and I weigh 301.0 pds. 6.6 pds down!!!!!
I was 305.2 on Day 2. But I stepped up my active game on Day 2 and it really paid off. I walked, I moved around, I danced in the car, I cleaned my upstairs. Who knew?

I will post pics and keep everyone updated here...Prayers for will power are welcomed.

How this all works: Our bodies burn SUGAR, FAT, PROTEIN for energy to keep going. I already cut out sugar. I don't want my body to eat my protein (muscle). That is why I feed it 60mg a day. That means my body has no choice but to eat fat to give me the energy I need to sustain. This is exactly what every bypass patient learns right after they wake up from surgery. The first 2-4 weeks are exactly this diet. No food, only liquid protein. Most patients drop an average of 2-4 pds daily depending on how active they are post bypass. I personally lost 45pds after my initial surgery in 2004 in 3weeks. I also cheated on that diet and ate anything I could get away with--scrambled eggs, thousand island dressing, etc.

Stay with me. Anyone can do this diet with the right will power, conviction and desire.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December Projects

Well, it's DECEMBER and I can't believe the time has just flown by.
I am going to doing a fun CRAFT day here soon to create some presents and decorations for the home on the cheap inspired by PINTEREST.

Check out my upcoming planned 6 projects:
  1. Sock Snowmen
  2. Small Square Painted Canvas for a co-worker
  3. Frosty Banner Snowflakes for the full country porch
  4. Tomato Cage Christmas Trees (1) -not 100% sure if this is going to be a GO yet
  5. Christmas Ball tree for my Dining Room Table
  6. Ribbons on my Bathroom Cabinet Doors


Monday, September 9, 2013

New and More New and a little Old

New Workout- Well, working out has been great for me and I am proud that my muscles remember what to do because apparently my head is not always in the game. I fell off the elliptical last Wednesday AM at the gym and well, my left knee is swollen and hurts to walk much. I think I pushed too hard to try for physical fitness too early. Taking a break and letting it heal. Missing the gym! Now that is so new for me.

New building. We moved workplaces last week when the kids started back to school, I moved into East Shore II. It is really beautiful with less traffic going into inns brook and has an interior lake with animals. I love that there is all this internal space and the feeling of new. However; new office means new desk and that is taking some getting used to.

New School year, same old teen drama. So hard to wake a teenage girl that I begin to feel like I need a crane just to accomplish it. She did not want to take a back to school photo but finally let me. Here is a photo of her gym with the band and the cheerleaders welcoming the freshman class of 2017 into Hermitage.
I am not ready for a full fledge teenager. Where did the time go where she was innocent and so cute and adorable? Now it is all about cute boys, her classes, girl drama and honors HW and really in that order. (LOL). This girl, my girl, is such a beautiful girl that I worry about her future.
New class- Sunday school rotations started and I volunteered to teach 4 yr olds weekly vs. rotationally. It is very hard for me because it means a commitment to be at church each Sunday from 8:30am-12:30pm and then come back for Choir practice for winter musical at 4pm-5pm. Sundays were meant for God so I figure the time commitment is no big deal but my old bones have been finding myself "napping" in between the visits to church. Those little 4 yr olds can sure wipe a girl out. And speaking of that age, I am starting Awana Cubbies this year again on Wednesday and was devastated by the sneaky devil Sunday when I lost 1/2 of my helpers in one swoop. Praying for them all as their reasons were all valid but praying for me since I will have ~15 3-4 yr olds with little adult help until we move things around. Hope I don't scare off my newly volunteered mother in law who is one of my new helpers.
Here is a picture of the little ones swinging. Wish I could be so carefree.
New weather, not really! What happened to the cooling trend that was supposed to occur. I am ready for jeans and sweaters and my cute boots and fall jewelry. Not so much since the weather is 90 degrees. I mean what is going on with the weather. At least I can do my nails in fall colors and patterns until God sees fit to follow through on the weather.
Old, well to close the post. I am OLD! My nieces are growing up, my nephews are growing up and I have 1 remaining grandparent left. That really shows me how old I am getting. 40s can be the best years of our lives or so I am told so I am going to have to tell this OLD body to get motivated.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fall Already, Wait?

Well, it is almost September and in so many ways I am ready to shed this summer and move into fall and in other ways, I am sad that this summer was not really a swim and relax kind of summer. This summer I did things I have never thought I would:
  • Joined a gym as a family and actually went
  • Studied like I was taking SATs again for my PMP exam
  • Failed my PMP exam twice
  • Took Bible and Philosophy online classes for 8 weeks of the summer and passed (Phil was hard)
  • Directed K-5th grade crafts for WBC VBS (1st time I have ever helped with VBS)
  • Got a new tattoo in Key West of a blue butterfly
  • Signed up to direct Cubbies another year for Awana
  • Decided I would rather not be promoted at work since I would lose overtime and vacation time (who knew?)
  • Did Ravenchase at Busch Gardens with my team at work and lost
  • Turned 40! Oh My.
  • Saw my oldest niece turn 5 and my youngest nephew turn 2.

This Fall I have big plans. I am going to try 1 month of paleo clean eating at the resounding success of a good blogger friend, Nina. I plan on starting to hit the gym 8 times a week (Mon-Fri every AM before work to do the cardio and 3 nights a week for weights). I plan on finally saying enough and losing this weight so I can have my final hernia repair surgery and move on with my life. I am going to enjoy every moment with my family and friends as if It was my last.
I just did HS orientation with Danielle (Wow)- I have a high schooler. My hubby and my 2nd to youngest niece both share a birthday in September so I plan to enjoy more family time. Oh and one wonderful last thing, Our church is doing Financial Peace university and I plan on taking the class with the hubby on Sunday AM for 9 weeks. He really wants to do this together and I agree but I am sad since I committed to teach SS at 11am for the 4 yr olds and that means I need a temp backup teacher for that class. I am praying God will find someone to help out so the hubby and I can take this very valuable class together.

Here's to fall and a new start!