Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Time to be Inspired

Folks it has been way too long since I have taken time to post. So I am going to be inspired by Mom Generations bloggers Sharon and Audrey and a work acquaintance whom I have grown to admire greatly through reading her blog, Nina.
Here is a quick catch up on my life:
  • Turned the big 40 this year!
  • Feel better about my life than I have in a long time, though overwhelmed.
  • Been a member of Winns for almost 4 full years now and loving teaching Sunday School to 4 yr olds, Teaching the Awana cubbies program and about to direct and manage elementary age crafts for VBS for the 1st time ever. Did I mention, I love being part of the band and praising God with my voice each Sunday?
  • Just took my second Key West vacation (loved it!)
  • Lost a best friend to life and busy schedules
  • Gained a best friend in my sister (daily calls are awesomely uplifting)
  • Have a high schooler, ugg--9th grade in the fall....not ready
  • Still at Capital One, though now I have my BPM certification, and getting my PMP certification to boost the resume
  • Going to Liberty University Online to get my bachelors in Business with emphasis in Project Management--with the hubby
  • Joined a gym as a family in Jan and they just opened this month, Been 5 times and plan to go more once my PMP test done (thinking 4-5 days a week)
  • Now officially have 4 nephews (Nicolas, Turner, Jaxson and Chase) and 3 nieces (Leah-starting Kindergarten this fall, Kaylah and Isabella).- LOVE >3
So now on to the inspiration part. I want to be inspired to:
  • Blog more
  • Print my pictures out from my phone
  • Set new exciting gym playlists on my phone
  • Get to the gym more
  • Lose weight
  • Cook more and better food, really not a like of mine so this will be a struggle
  • Enjoy married life and motherhood as much as possible
  • Stress less
  • Continue my professional development next year with Lean certification and then Agile Scrum master Certification

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Anonymous said...

What is agile scrum master?? Sounds like a housewife certification!!! lol...
Christie :)