Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A month, wow, really!

Almost a full month has passed and well, my wish to post more has not been so successful. Here are some updates:

July 23rd came and my wonderful co-workers dressed in all BLUE to support Ms. Bailey Bullock who was in Children's Hospital in Philadelphia having reconstructive surgery following her battle with cancer. Love these guys and gals and so grateful to work with people who care and continue to ask about Ms. Bailey who thankfully came home today from MCV after fighting a fever.
I failed my PMP Exam. Bummer and totally depressing since I had to then spend ~$300 of my own dollars to reschedule it for 8/20. Please pray that I will pass this time.
My Dad got a new puppy, Raven's Peppermint Patty (Pepper for short). She was just so cute and cuddly. Was sad to find out that Lily, my hairless CC, was not interested in playing at all with our new little fur ball.
And well, Awana planning for the school year is in full swing and I have decided to Direct our cubbies group yet again. Excited to see the new curriculum I will be teaching and hoping I get my niece Kaylah as an upcoming cubbie (hoping brother will sign them up for the year). VBS is something I am also doing (this week in fact). I was asked to Direct the K-5th grade crafts and I was so nervous since I had never worked VBS and it had been years since I had any VBS memories. Well, I had no reason to worry. It has been fun even alongside the stress. The children love the crafts.
Will post more once VBS is over and include some pics.
Well, heading off to bed after a long day and wanted to just check in and update everyone on life in general. Here's to a great August---can you believe it is August!

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