Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fall Already, Wait?

Well, it is almost September and in so many ways I am ready to shed this summer and move into fall and in other ways, I am sad that this summer was not really a swim and relax kind of summer. This summer I did things I have never thought I would:
  • Joined a gym as a family and actually went
  • Studied like I was taking SATs again for my PMP exam
  • Failed my PMP exam twice
  • Took Bible and Philosophy online classes for 8 weeks of the summer and passed (Phil was hard)
  • Directed K-5th grade crafts for WBC VBS (1st time I have ever helped with VBS)
  • Got a new tattoo in Key West of a blue butterfly
  • Signed up to direct Cubbies another year for Awana
  • Decided I would rather not be promoted at work since I would lose overtime and vacation time (who knew?)
  • Did Ravenchase at Busch Gardens with my team at work and lost
  • Turned 40! Oh My.
  • Saw my oldest niece turn 5 and my youngest nephew turn 2.

This Fall I have big plans. I am going to try 1 month of paleo clean eating at the resounding success of a good blogger friend, Nina. I plan on starting to hit the gym 8 times a week (Mon-Fri every AM before work to do the cardio and 3 nights a week for weights). I plan on finally saying enough and losing this weight so I can have my final hernia repair surgery and move on with my life. I am going to enjoy every moment with my family and friends as if It was my last.
I just did HS orientation with Danielle (Wow)- I have a high schooler. My hubby and my 2nd to youngest niece both share a birthday in September so I plan to enjoy more family time. Oh and one wonderful last thing, Our church is doing Financial Peace university and I plan on taking the class with the hubby on Sunday AM for 9 weeks. He really wants to do this together and I agree but I am sad since I committed to teach SS at 11am for the 4 yr olds and that means I need a temp backup teacher for that class. I am praying God will find someone to help out so the hubby and I can take this very valuable class together.

Here's to fall and a new start!

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Nina Diane said...

you def have a busy fall coming up!! are you going to do the Whole30? if so and you have questions, feel free to ask. I def learned a lot.