Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Day 3 Details

Well, today was probably the hardest so far. Work hosted an all day offsite "All Hands Meeting" at the Commons in West Creek campus. There was a hot buffet breakfast, catered lunch and chocolate candies on every table. It sucked! Not only was there amazing food, but---ummm---it was FREE! ugg. I mean really- free food, anything free is amazing.

On the good side, Brian is being such a sweet supporter and has cooked dinner each night for himself and Danielle. It has also been easier since he now works day shift as well. 2 of my 4 co-workers fasted on Monday (to be fair-they started before me)...but still nice to feel supported.

Many folks have asked what my goals are for the 2 weeks along with what I will do nutritionally after the 2 weeks. My goal for weight loss is ~35pds. If I can keep up with 2-4pd loss daily, then I am on target to hit that. Secondly, I want to give my intestines a break given their recent bleeding ulcer issues and healing. Third- I want to cleanse toxins and force my metabolism to reboot.
I also see my endocrinologist on the 19th to review recent blood work and see how my health has been trending (anemia, etc.).

After the 2 weeks, I will eat light proteins (scrambled eggs, nuts, chicken) and plenty of natural veggies and greens. I have clean eating cookbooks and I will go back to making some of the recipes I fell in love with. Eating foods the way God made them for your body can make a person feel so much better. I have many supporters with ideas for better health but with the bariatric variance in my anatomy, I must be very careful what I choose with my special limitations.

In addition, I have so many upcoming hurdles that I will need extra support in prayer:
  • Wednesday- I have an insane schedule for work and then the painting class where I anticipate ~38 women
  • Sunday- My nephew's 3rd birthday party where the theme is SpongeBob (and yes- Crabbie Patties--hamburgers, and Cake will be served)---I love Hamburgers, UGG...and CHIPS.
  • Vacation Week is next week- Home several days without the distraction of work to think about food.
  • Thursday 18th, Face Painting for the Fall Carnival at work where --hold the mic, they have cotton candy, hot dogs, hamburgers, caramel corn popcorn....and all the food is FREE!
So, keep up with me as I post photos and a mini-diary daily of my progress. Thanks for caring!

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