Thursday, August 14, 2014

Day 4 and 5

Wednesday was an exceptionally busy and productive day. I worked many hours and still never felt finished (isn't that always the way?). And leaving at 3:30pm still didn't feel like I had enough time to setup for the last painting class I was teaching at Winns Baptist. I had 42 women signed up to make a swirly tree with me and I was feeling the pressure. This was by far the largest class I had ever hosted and quite honestly, only my 3rd class overall. I was anxious, nervous and excited.

I started my day on the best high note ever and a little comedic if I say so myself. I like to weigh first thing after I shower and do my hair/makeup (hint---no clothes). I always have my phone ready to take that "scale and feet" pic but yesterday, somehow did not. The scale basically sang to me when I saw "299.2" I was so excited and ready to take my picture and praising my additional 1.8lb loss. I grabbed my phone and hopped back on, and "299.4". Hmmm, who knew an iPhone weighed .2lbs. Bummer. LOL. I haven't been 2 anything in weight since January of this year when I was really in gym mode and feeling great, all before my medical scare and 3 months with no working out and basically terrified of my own body.

The class last night was just the spiritual lift I needed. Family came, friends were there, even a co-worker, new people from the church 11am service and I was so blessed to count 38 heads last night. I was prepared, I was uplifted, I was exhausted. No eating will do that to you. But, I held it through and after 5.5 hrs on my feet, painting, praising, helping and loving- I felt even more convicted about my journey.

Today, 297.4 (another 2 pds- Total 10.2 pds). I am super slammed today and again, free lunch at work which I will not partake in. Danielle has her very first scrimmage for volleyball and I am definitely going to go and watch my Captain play. So proud of her accomplishments already this year. Maybe tonight I can relax, hmmm- nope- laundry calls my name.

Day 5 Totals and Pic

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