Tuesday, August 12, 2014

2 Week Cleanse

Well, I started a 2 week cleanse on 8/10 (Sunday). I began by checking with my DR. who suggested I add an appetite suppression pill, Phentermine 37.5 mg (1 tablet in AM daily). I ordered my "food" from bariatricchoice.com. I love this website as it offers high protein, no sugar foods and the best Protein drink I have found to date. I order the Proti-Diet drinks. 15g of protein in fruit flavors mixed with 10oz of water. Tastes like Kool-Aid! I planned to drink 4 a day, 60g of protein to encourage my body to burn fat for energy. I dedicated myself to being more active to force my body to work harder. This meant parking in the back of the lot even though I get to work at 7am, walking the dog, hitting the gym for 30minutes at least 2x in week1.

My items came in on Saturday and Sunday, I started with a naked weigh in. Yep- I am that crazy that I want to make sure I get the best number possible. Well- DAY 1 start was 307.6 pds. Immediate suckiness settled in my heart. Here I was given my body to manage by my God and well, my vessel needed some work--ok, lots of work. I became even more convicted to ensure I was doing this for all the right reasons.

So, here it is Day 3 and I weigh 301.0 pds. 6.6 pds down!!!!!
I was 305.2 on Day 2. But I stepped up my active game on Day 2 and it really paid off. I walked, I moved around, I danced in the car, I cleaned my upstairs. Who knew?

I will post pics and keep everyone updated here...Prayers for will power are welcomed.

How this all works: Our bodies burn SUGAR, FAT, PROTEIN for energy to keep going. I already cut out sugar. I don't want my body to eat my protein (muscle). That is why I feed it 60mg a day. That means my body has no choice but to eat fat to give me the energy I need to sustain. This is exactly what every bypass patient learns right after they wake up from surgery. The first 2-4 weeks are exactly this diet. No food, only liquid protein. Most patients drop an average of 2-4 pds daily depending on how active they are post bypass. I personally lost 45pds after my initial surgery in 2004 in 3weeks. I also cheated on that diet and ate anything I could get away with--scrambled eggs, thousand island dressing, etc.

Stay with me. Anyone can do this diet with the right will power, conviction and desire.

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